Located in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, THERMTECH designs eco-solar homes (new and renovated), draws up plans and manages construction sites, either as a whole or in part. It also provides technical expertises whether it be to solve construction problems or litigation disputes.

The architectural design of the house, carried out in close collaboration with our client, focuses on the fulfillment of the individual in his/her surroundings and on the respect of the environment.

By eco-solar homes, we refer to habitats that are designed to limit the use of resources drawn from our environment while promoting the use of healthy materials for the well-being of its occupants and the health of the planet.

The association of passive solar architecture combined with an efficient building shell that minimizes the need to resort to artificial energies naturally blend into the concept of an eco-solar habitat.

Thermtech also offers technical expertises, whether as a consultant, or to solve technical problems or to document construction defects possibly leading to mediation or in a court of law.