Since completing his studies in the '70s, Luc Muyldermans (see attached biography and resumé), the founder of Thermtech, has been actively interested in solar energy buildings that are designed and constructed in harmony with the environment. His recognized training in architecture and engineering in Quebec, allows him great flexibility in designing houses not only from an architectural and human standpoint but also in terms of its structural and mechanical aspects as well.

Later on, through his Thermtech business as a general contractor (1985-1999), he earned his trade certification as a carpenter and worked hands-on at his various construction sites, thereby sharpening the practical skills required during project designing.

Since the onset of its activities in Quebec in 1985, Thermtech has designed, built, renovated and managed the construction of over a hundred homes and various buildings (church, inn, cidery, community building,…).

More recently, a number of projects have been designed in close collaboration with our customers according to their individual needs (passives and actives solar homes, straw bale house, post and beam home, log house, green roof, greenhouses and integrated solariums, renovations and expansions).